Services We Offer


Pepper PR’s consultants are professionals who are experts in diverse fields. We intend to share this expertise with our clients, helping them build their equity and awareness - be it a person, product, brand or the company as a whole. We develop branding strategies and communication plans, aiming to create top of mind recall among the target group for your brand or company.

Media Relations

Media is often the best way to talk to your target audience directly. It helps to carry the brand’s voice to the people and in the process give you a third-party endorsement.

At Pepper PR, we have a team that has extensive knowledge of how media works, as well as wide-spread network of media contacts across India. This enables us to provide timely information on the client’s brand or company to the media, ensuring that your message reaches the intended audience at the right time, in the right manner.

Editorial Services

It is not enough to provide salient information to the media. It needs to be conveyed in the right spirit and tone.

Pepper PR helps you to shape your messages into something that would appeal to a journalist, without losing its vitality and gives our clients maximum visibility.

We cut through the clutter, honing your message into a media-suitable format, while being sensitive to each client’s specific requirements.

Pepper PR Editorial Skills:
  • News Releases
  • Backgrounders
  • Bio Profiles
  • Fact Sheets
  • Annual Reports
  • Ghost Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Brochures
  • Company News Letters
  • Direct Mailers

Social Media & Digital Marketing

The true potential of Social Media marketing is in its ability to help brands humanise themselves. A highly effective and important format of owned media, a comprehensive Social Media presence is imperative to engage with Target groups to communicate happenings on the scene and behind the scenes. It is essential to have a cohesive communication plan that is in alignment across all platforms, and conveys the message effectively.

Pepper Interactive's team of experts tailor your message as suited to varied target audiences, while ensuring the tone of communication remains true to the brand and its ideals. Our team constantly explores platforms right for a brand's messaging at several levels and designs the most effective campaigns - both engagement-based and marketable, to ensure maximum visibility for your brand.

Marketing Communications

For your company to become a brand, publicity is crucial.

Pepper PR helps you with tactical information, like media campaigns, necessary to generate visibility and sales with your target audience. We advice you about the best positioning for your brand, as well as help place your brand in the public consciousness.

We assist you in these areas:
  • Launch of new products and services
  • Repositioning of mature products
  • Building interest in a product category
  • Influencing specific targets
  • Defending products that have encountered problems in the public sphere (See crisis management)

Corporate Communications

The only constant in today's world is change. Companies need to communicate effectively and be visible at all times to be seen as socially responsible entities.

Pepper PR is proactive in meeting the challenge of change and can show corporations the way to build positive public presence.

Media Briefing

Corporations and Brands must take the initiative to convey their message to the audience for their ideas to get through. Merely waiting to be asked a question is not sufficient and refusal to communicate can be fatal.

The method in which one handles the messaging is also crucial to the image of a company. Pepper PR prepares you to face the media in all formats, through our media briefing workshops, where the 'dos and don'ts' with the media are reasoned out. We work with each client exclusively, offering ideas and innovations tailored for their intended perception.

Media Monitoring

With Pepper PR, you are always aware of what is being said about you in the media. We compile a monthly dossier for all our clients, with important clips about the company, its competition, industry and policy issues from all important business and entertainment publications across India.

Pepper PR also provides its clients with electronic media monitoring services.

Event Management

An event is a stage and you are the chief protagonist. It helps to capture the attention of the right audience and enhance the profile and visibility of your company.

And it is our job to ensure that you have a smooth show, and deliver your message across effectively.

Pepper PR helps you plan and promote events, handle media and publicity, manage sponsor relations & celebrity promotions and stage lead-up events. Our team helps companies develop and design point of purchase material, direct mailers, annual reports, calendars, merchandise and corporate films.

Perception Audits

Before communication strategies are formulated, it is essential to understand peoples' mindsets - find out what they think about your organisation and its products & services, discover their attitudes, misconceptions, hostilities, prejudices, apathy or ignorance towards your organisation.

Perception audits help understand current perceptions about your company - positive, negative or indifferent.

Pepper PR conducts perception audits for corporations, which are then analysed. The results help develop strategies to dispel misleading and untrue perceptions, if any, and help build a positive image of your company.

Crisis Management

In a world of constant visibility and change, it is important to be prepared and sensitive to the world, particularly in times of trouble.

Our consultants at Pepper PR are strongly trained in crisis management. We prepare clients to handle unanticipated situations and offer expertise in prevention management; planning; team forming; media responses and recovery management.