• Media Relations

    At Pepper PR, we have a team that has extensive knowledge of how media works, as well as wide-spread network of media contacts across India. This enables us to provide timely information on the client’s brand or company to the media, ensuring that your message reaches the intended audience at the right time, in the right manner.

  • Media Briefing

    Pepper PR prepares you to face the media in all formats, through our media briefing workshops, where the 'dos and don'ts' with the media are reasoned out. We work with each client exclusively, offering ideas and innovations tailored for their intended perception.

  • Media Monitoring

    With Pepper PR, you are always aware of what is being said about you in the media. We compile a monthly dossier for all our clients, with important clips about the company, its competition, industry and policy issues from all important business and entertainment publications across India.

  • Counselling

    Pepper PR’s consultants are professionals who are experts in diverse fields. We intend to share this expertise with our clients, helping them build their equity and awareness - be it a person, product, brand or the company as a whole. We develop branding strategies and communication plans, aiming to create top of mind recall among the target group for your brand or company.

Welcome to PEPPER PR

Pepper Interactive Communications, a communications and Public Relations consultancy, offers a blend of strategies to ensure maximum visibility and success in reaching its target audience, while working with other verticals such as advertising, marketing, sales promotion and personal selling.

Our team, with its diverse experience and in depth knowledge of the media, seeks to serve its clients by making use of the best platforms for communication and visibility. We provide innovative ideas and insights for our clients to achieve a premium position for their brands or companies, and liaise with various media platforms to provide them with timely and appropriate information about our clients.

Pepper PR focuses on lifestyle, sports and events-based PR, building on our team’s diverse experience, including corporate, retail and hospitality.

We are primarily based out of Bangalore, India. The agency also has an extensive network of associates in major Indian metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai as well as other tier 2 cities.